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So i was going over my school schedule and i found out a great thing. I can graduate a whole semester earlier than i thought i could. Then today as i was going over my summer and fall semesters to make sure i wasn't repeating anything and i found out that i could graduate even earlier, by another whole semester.
The problem with that plan is that i would have to take 5 classes every semester from here on out, which might just kill me. It is really hard to go to school for 12hrs a day 2times a week and work 25 hour plus do the homework. So now the question is, do i want to get it all over with as soon as possible and lose my sanity or do i want to go at a more leisurely pace and finish only 1 semester later than if i force marched myself. Right now i am leaning toward just graduating one semester early instead of two. This semester has really burned me out and i kinda just want to go at a slower pace, at least for the next semester, but if i take it easy next semester than it no longer matters and it will only be one semester early. It really is at an all or nothing situation right now to graduate extra early. So after my last class today i think i am going to gather up all the info and do some alternative schedule and see which way i want to go