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So for those who don't know we have moved from Ut and now live in Mo. We moved to Ut for me to go to school, we had planned on being there for 5yrs but through some hard work, luck and no summer vacation we were able to do 2 degrees in 4 yrs and finish early. Now all I have to do is get a job and start making money. The move out here was definitely no picnic, i won't go into too many details (if you want a longer story check out Becca's blog), but it suffices to say that it was very long and painful.

Some of the high lights include me sleeping on a pile of boxes the last night in Ut, because we packed the blow up beds, the truck radiator breaking down within the first 2 hrs of moving and a rainstorm at the end of the trip that I decided to pull over and sleep through because the truck was making an odd noise and it was 12:30 at night. The rest of the trip went as I expected it would with 2 kids, lots of pulling over and rest breaks. I was actually in another vehicle than the kids, but because they had to stop so often I was usually in front even though i was moving slower, so I can guess how it was going in the van.

It is good to finally be done moving and now we just have to unpack everything and settle into a our new lives. Internet access time is kinda limited right now because i am way busy trying to unpack and look for a job, but I should be able to post once or twice a week for now and hopefully more often once things settle into a routine.