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So today's post will be like all my other posts and be short and sweet. I think i will do a quick update on life. Since Becca will probably go into detail on Craig's wedding i will just say that the trip and wedding were fun and quick. When we got home and i previewed the yard i found that there had been some hot dry days while we were gone. All the grass had died and any new leaves on our plants were yellow and some plants didn't make it. I dropped one of my summer classes in favor of taking it during the fall so i can get full time status and all the loans and work study that goes with it. Besides with out that one class i can now see Becca more than once a week. I got one of my 2 school books and now am only slightly behind in that class and i am still waiting on my statistics book so i can start doing the problems in it so i can better retain the lesson from class. I called the gateway peoples support line and talked to a rep who was much more thorough about what was wrong with my laptop and scheduled another send in time. So hopefully this time it will get fixed, because if it doesn't i may just have to go "Becca" all over them. Other than that the weather is now cool and rainy and looks like it will stay that way for the weekend, which is fine with me because we plan to tear out and reseed the front lawn and the heat would not be very welcome. But i will leave you now because i have been in this chair for 4 hrs and if i don't get up now it will be another 4 hours till i get the chance again.