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So if you read Becca's blog then you are fairly well up to date on some of the major things going on in my life, if you haven't read her blog i suggest you go over to it and read, because i will not be repeating any of what she said yesterday. School starts in like one week and i need to buy books and figure out where my classes are and if i can make it from one to the next without killing myself. Yes it is nice to have the bike gone from the driveway and i am sad that it didn't work out better, but it seems like i was supposed to use the money for school anyways so it has all probably turned out for the best. I was hoping that the company I'm trying to intern with (Wilbur Smith Associates) was the same one that my friend kirk wing works at, one because maybe he could put in a good word for my with the corporate hirer and two because maybe i could transfer out there to KS. Still WAS does have companies in the Midwest so if i do intern with them and if i like the company and if they want to hire me i may be able to transfer to the Midwest. Of course that's a lot of "ifs" to fulfill.

I had a bad experience this week with a former employer, apparently the ops manager didn't think that i was keeping busy enough and i thought that since it was work study that when ever they didn't have something for me to work on that i could study. Well the boss never came to me with his issues and even said i could have the job next year if i wanted it. So when i sent him an email asking to have the job i was SHOCKED to read his response,

"Hi Alann-

Sorry I missed you last week. Paula mentioned that you had come by.

I think that it would be better for us not to rehire you. To be perfectly blunt, my needs for the job are someone who is always on the lookout for something to do, and never willing to sit still. Based on my experience with you last year, I don’t think that really describes you. I don’t really have time to manage one more employee and make sure that I am getting my money’s worth by always assuring that there are tasks waiting.

Thanks for your time with us last year, and best wishes as you finish your schooling.


So after a half hour of rewriting very upset and harsh letters, I finally told myself that nothing would change by telling off this guy and wrote the nicest email i could while still telling him a little of how i felt.


Could you make sure I am taken off the mailing list for the museum. The random emails about nothing important are a bit irritating to have to erase all the time. Also I don't need to be insulted, you could have just said no thank you, that was my first work-study job and if you wanted something to change while I was there all you had to do was set up a meeting with me and let me know not to spend so much time on school work. I suggest next time you actually talk to your employee once in a while instead of assuming you know what is going on with them, then maybe you will be happier with their performance.

Best of luck with your move and new child.


If you have ever listened to the comedian Dane Cook these letters reminds me of the joke about the the guy at the cash register telling Dane " just a minute pal." when he wants some katsup for his hot tasty fries (Dan you should know what I'm talking about). For those who don't know what I'm talking about, you have to hear it to get the whole impact of it, maybe Dan will put in my comments which CD it is from so everyone can listen to it themselves if they want and at their own discretion.Mostly I'm just mad because i feel like i was blind sided by this guy and now i have to rethink some decisions i made about work during school if i don't get an internship. I think Becca said it best when she said it was bad management on his part and I think she is right because honestly all he had to do was talk to me and i would have changed what i was doing to better fulfill what he wanted done, but it too late now.

The only other thing i have to write about this week is that lately i have been getting real tired of hearing all the moronic discussions that happen around me at work or while I am out of the house. It seems like all I hear is people talking about things that they have no factual background knowledge of but they seem to know that they are right and nothing else could be true but what they think. I'm not saying that i have a complete knowledge of all the things they are talking about but when the news the night before says that a boy was caught on fire by a stray ember and you are saying that two boys set him on fire to watch him burn and how bad blah blah blah is and yada yada yada, I just want to tell you to shut up and stop talking about things that you only have a partial knowledge of.

It really just drives me nuts to hear two people talking about things they don't understand and act like they do or to hear them talk about pop culture things that have no lasting meaning or significance in life like they are more important then enything else. For once I want to walk into the break room and hear two cashiers talking about how to best conserve world energy and the world economic ramifications of Russia's and Georgia's border war. Instead i get to hear about how so and so had to b-slap her daughter and threaten to not let her go to church if she didn't stop calling her mother's new boyfriend a bas!#$%. I understand that not all conversations need to be deep and sophisticated and that i don't always talk about deep things, but i just want to know, what happened to meaningful conversations? Where did they go? And how do i get them to come back? Well i think that is enough for now, i will go for now c-ya!