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So for about a month now I have been going to work and not getting paid. Due to some internal problems and the economy the consulting firm i work for as dried up on project work that i can do. However they have said "if" i decide to come into the office (which is not required since I'm still an intern) and "if" something pops up that i can work on, then i am more than welcome to do it and get paid. So far i get an average of 10 hours of work a week this way and most of it is one time only and then i never see the project again. This makes it hard to really want to work. Because not only do i tend to sit around trying to do home work while being interrupted with work question i can't charge for but i never get to continue to work on something so i don't really learn anything or remember what i worked on last time if someone has a question on it. While i am semi tempted to leave, i don't know what my graduate work load is going to be and this setup maybe the best thing for me in the upcoming year. So until i find out my school work load i have to keep telling myself it is worth coming in to the office and not staying home playing computer games. Hopefully something good will workout for the fall.