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So, as the title says i am tired, way more tired than i think i should be. Becca is the one that gets up with Claire at night and has to deal with her all day, but i am so tired that i am practically falling asleep at work and school. I usually only wake up once during the night and it is only when Claire is crying at her loudest, but it seems like that one time is enough to throw off the quality of my sleep for the rest of the night. I don't only think that it is Claire though. This semester has turned out to be more stressful and demanding than i thought it would be. I only have a 3 real classes and 2 easy classes, but the 3 real classes are so much more intense than i thought they would be initially. I was really hoping that after all the hustle and bustle i did for my first semesters i would be able to have a nice relaxing last one. But it seems that if i want some down time i will just have to take the summer off this year instead of doing classes like i did last summer.

I guess that is the only other news i have right now is that unless i find some miracle job somewhere i most likely will be going through the masters program here and staying in utah for another year or two. Well unfortunately my laptop is ready to die so i need to stop here, but on the whole life is good and i have started to reconnect with some more of my friends from Il, which is exciting