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Lately I have had a touch of the flu, no not the swine flu. Though i guess it could have been, i don't know enough about it to make that call. All i know is Sunday i didn't feel good and i skipped work and school Monday and Tuesday but now i feel much better. I still get a little more tired than usual around the end of the day but other than that i am good.

Yesterday was my last day of class. Now i just have a report to turn in and some projects to finish up and then i will be done with my school work. Then its on to graduation and summer vacation!!!!!!!!!! Also so big news is that i got my acceptance letter from the Master Planning program at the U and they have offered my a part time research assistant scholarship. This means that i get a $2500 lump payment for the semester and 1/2 off my tuition. Now the question is can we scrape together the money to live here while i go to school?

That will be the question for the week. How much will we need and where will we get it from? Then after that i will have to pick out my classes and plan out how long it will take me to graduate and in what sub field to i want to study in. I think i want to go into community development and design which means i will be getting a masters certificate in Real estate development. But who knows and that is a later topic to worry about. Other than that things are good.