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So i don't have much to say for this blog. I just feel bad that i have not been able to keep up with it as much as i would have liked. The most interesting thing that has happened to me is that i burned my thumb, forefinger and middle finger on the grill on the 3rd. No, not while grilling something tasty. I had to burn a bunch of the wood we had in the back yard because it was collecting bugs so i was burning it in the grill. As most of you know tanner loves to chew sticks so i put 5 of them to the side and after the majority of them had been burned i put his sticks on the grill racks to be smoked and heated to kill any bugs living in them. However after a couple minutes they caught on fire ( surprise surprise) and instead of just throwing water on them i tried to lift the half closed lid and burned myself on the hot metal handle. The burns aren't painful or serious, but they are big and they make it hard to hold a pencil and write. Other than that i have school work and homework to do most of the time and it keeps me pretty busy