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So I've had this pain in the back of my throat since Tuesday and everyday it has gotten worse so today i went to see the doctor to see if it was strep. After being nearly choked by the nurse the doctor came in and examined me and said that the test results were inconclusive and i could have strep or maybe something viral and maybe it is contagious and maybe it isn't. Some help. So he gave me some antibiotics for if it is strep or if it is bacterial and told me to stay home for the day. While it is nice to get to play hooky from work i think i would rather know what it is that i have. Next week is fall break from school and i get the whole week off and during the weekend i get to go camping/deerhunting with my dad and male relatives, hopefully by then my throat will feel better and i'll be able to go. Sorry this isn't that interesting of a post but i dont really feel like writing much today.