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So today we woke up early to go to Becca's work to let in the carpet cleaning people and then go to the temple. We only had to wait about 10 min for the guys to get here and get setup before we could leave, which was nice. Then we went to the temple to do sealings(marriages) for those who have passed on. It was quite a little adventure after we got there i realized half way through with undressing in the changing room that i forgot my pants for the ceremony and that i didn't have any money on me to rent some, so i got dressed again and went to go find Becca. Luckily as i was waiting for Becca to see if she had any money one of the assistants/guides saw me there and asked what was going on, after i told her what was happening she went to see if she could find my wife after about 5 min of waiting she came back out and said she could not find her but here was the 50 cents to go rent some pants. I thought that was very nice of her and was very grateful. So i went back in and got ready for the ceremony and went to go find Becca who was up stairs wondering where i was. But in the end it all worked out and we had a great time. Now we are waiting for the carpet cleaners to get done so we can leave her work and go back to our house to clean and rearrange the house so when my parents visit they will have a place to stay. That and this whole week i have been preping and painting the kitchen walls, which becca says looks great and not southwestern( though I disagree with the last part), but anyways we need to get that cleaned up as well so we can use the kitchen again. Well the cleaners are done and becca wants to leave so i will see yall later!!!