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Obviously i am redoing somethings so check up avery now and then to see what is new
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Yes, I admit it i have thoroughly slacked off on my responsibility to write a blog everyday.I don't think i have even made it every other week. For all those people who are like me and make the everyday rounds to to see if there is anything new on their friends blog sites, i apologise. It is just so hard to find the time to sit down and type for a half hour to a full hour and then add pics and change around the page. I just don't have the time and i can't stand just posting the little "I'm still alive" blips, because it like well yeah your still alive, but what have you been doing all this time? So I am going to try and do better, I don't know how or when it will start, but hopefully now that i only have evening classes i can find some time between work and class to sit down and type out a paragraph or two. Of course if my typing speed and accuracy were better i may be able to post more often too because it wouldn't take as long to post.

So I guess for a quick update on life i have got a couple things i can talk about. For fathers day Becca gave me a PS2 all on her own, I had no idea what she was getting me. I bought God Of War 2 and love it. For those of you how don't know what it is, the game follows a basic story line were you a fallen Greek god fight your way back into god like power to rise up and fight Zeus. So far i think I'm about half way through. It also can with a bunch of sports games most of which i will eBay off but some that i will keep.

I sold my motorcycle because of lack of funds to fix it and hope to save up for a little bit and get something else by the end of the summer of the beginning of next. I am not quite sure what will happen there because i am not working full time this summer and we may be moving next summer depending on what happens when i graduate.

I have one morning class left and then it is only one night class till the first of august, then i get about 3 weeks off till fall semester starts.Then i will be back to a full load of school and then will only have a cap class, internship and 1 blow off class to complete for spring of 09 to graduate.

We now have a fair amount of grass in our front yard from the seed we planted and now we are going to weed and feed the front to kill of the weeds that have grown and then we will plant more grass seed to help fill in the lawn.

I just put the hard wood floor back in the kitchen, because the mysterious leak went away once we fixed the washing machine hookup pipes. It is a little bumpy even with getting 2 out of 5 boards replaced. Maybe if we have the money and i have the time i will look at going back and replacing the entire middle section of wood flooring, but we have many other projects ahead of that one. I mean they really are small little bumps that aren't noticeable unless you know what it was like before.

The house in Columbia mo is for sale and we hope to sell it before to much longer into the summer. It is a good quality house with the option to have a renter downstairs to help lower rent payments so i think it will sell fairly fast.

Um i think that is it for now, atleast that is all i have time for so hopefully i will be posting a bit more often from now on.