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So i was the person in our family who originally started to blog. I told Becca about it and she was skeptical about starting her own, but she has really taken off and done well with it. Which i am glad for, because i find it amazingly fun to taunt her on her own blog site by leaving comments that I know she will read and respond to. Also she has used it to inform me of what is for dinner that night so i no longer have to ask her, which I'm sure she finds just as nice as i do. She also has joined me on an online game called travian, which without her to talk to about would not be nearly as fun. (If anyone wants to join us on the game let me or Becca know and we will send an invitation) I don't know how many other couples are out there that share in the virtual experience, but i for one am glad that Becca enjoys it. It gives us the opportunity to stay more connected when we are apart because we can always look for each other at these different websites and with trillian (if i would remember to turn it on). So go read Becca's latest blog and see if you can catch the humor behind the comments!