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Yes finally some time to blog!! We had a lab today and i got done early and one of the guys in the class wanted to borrow my notes for an up coming test. So i figured while he was copying them i would write a little. School is going good and for the most part i like my classes. The two physical education or PE classes have not made any large results in my weight or BMI even with the new diet monitoring system i am using on live strong- my plate. So i have had to readjust how i am using the program and try to be more strict on what i can eat. My other 3 conventional education classes are going good, but sometimes i find them to be a bit boring at the end of the class. My new internship with WSA is going just fine and if I can produce the kind of work they hope i can then i may get to stay with them till i graduate and then look for a position within the company. Right now they have me doing a lot of writing for project work. Things like scopes and work proposals and outlines for new books that they are putting together. I like the work, but find it kinda boring. I really want to do something more on the design side. But this is a huge company with many departments and so far i have only been exposed to one and only a little at that so i am sure there are more interesting things that i will get to work on.

This week has been very busy with 2 jobs, full time school and this weekend is a scout camp out. Next week should be much nicer on me with only one job and a weekend to myself or rather designated to Becca's b-day. She seems to think that we have to celebrate it every year or something, selfish is all i have to say on it. ;) Well to end on an entertaining note this week i got spiked in the big toe by a yard sprinkler with a yard spike on the end of it. i was trying to kick it out of the way and it pierced my good black church shoe destroyed the sock and viciously stabbed me. Becca said i deserved it for being mean to the sprinkler, but i think i is just out to get me because i prefer to use the other sprinkler and not it. Well becca's pregnancy is going good and i can't wait to meet my daughter, but she tells me i have to wait another 4ish months, SELFISH! What is with this girl and being so selfish.;) well i am late for work so i gotta go!