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So i have been told at work that for this week chandler (my boss) has not been able to keep up with his work load and part of his work load is doing a review of the two papers i am writing. So until he catches up with his work would i please stay home and refrain from coming into work. Ahh... sure?. I could use the break to catch up on my homework because i hurt my neck last week and was unable to do any reading, homework or attending of classes, so having the time off could help me get back on track. However we also don't have a lot of money coming in right now and every hour at work counts. So it is a toss up about how i feel about this situation.

I actually still do come into work, but i sit in a different office at the end of the hall and i just do homework and occasionally talk to anyone who comes to my door. Its kinds odd feeling, being here but not working. I also don't know how productive it really is, because while i know i got a lot done i don't know if i could have gotten more done if i had been left alone at home and been able to relax better when i needed it. My neck still hurts and laying down really helps it rest for a bit and then i can go back to what i was doing. But at the office there is no place to lay down and rest. so i have to try to work through the pain or stop and do a little massage until it is manageable. So i may be doing better than at home or i may be doing worse, i don't know. But i need to get back to homework,so c-ya