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So we had birthday celebrations today during lunch so i am now writing this after i have clocked out of work for the day. The main things going on in my life right now are:

1, I have to finish the bathroom this weekend
2, Decide if i want to do graduate school
a, where
b, what degree
c, what school
d, how to pay for it
3, Do i want to just get a job w/ an undergratuates
a, where
b, in what exact field
c, can we live off it
4, Do more interviews w/ urban design firms to find out what preperations i need to make
5, Start plans on my final semester line up of classes
6, Start working on major papers due at end of school term or before

I think that is all the main things so far, if you guys have any thoughts on these subjects let me know.
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So I’m at work on my lunch break and I decided to see if now would be a good time to do my blogging because it seems like I never have the time to now. Of course this means that I will have to be a little restrictive when it comes to my talking about work, because the boss could be right behind me reading what I am writing. Not that I complain about work a lot, but it just wouldn’t be good for my work atmosphere to be caught complaining. Now the only problem I can think of with this idea of writing during my lunch is that I am a sporadic lunch taker. Sometimes I work while I eat some times I take it early or late or I shorten it or I don’t take one at all. So there is a real chance that I just might not make the time.

Work is going o.k., the project I am working on is nearing its draft date and I am adding all the final touches on it before my boss looks over it and critiques it. I feel like I understand what it is I’m doing a little better, but don’t know how well I would do if I had to start a new paper. I have started to email urban design firms to see if I can get an interview with someone in charge to ask them about what kinds of skills and education they look for. So far I have gotten one response from a secretary asking for more specific information on my situation, but that is about it. Hopefully at least 3-4 of them will respond to me and I can get a good look at the skills I should be trying to develop.

For those who have not heard I put in my graduation application about a week ago, so I should be graduating around May 09. So far I have given myself an easy last semester with only 2 real classes and 2 blow off classes, one is weight training and the other is fencing. If I get some good feedback from the firms I questioned or find a class to take, I will drop the blow off classes, but until then I am keeping them. I have done over loaded semester hours for the last 3 semesters and think that if I can take an easy one than I should.

If you haven’t read becca’s blog then let me now tell you that this last weekend I tore out the main bathroom floor and fixtures so I could replace them and finish repairing the wall. I have no idea why I did this, I just know one minute I was looking at the ugly bathroom floor wondering if it would get done before Claire was born and the next minute I found myself with a crowbar in my hand tearing up linoleum flooring and ripping out the vanity. It started out easy and was going quickly and well until I started to do the plumbing. Like all the projects in the house this one had to have something that wasn’t easy to do. I think if the plumbing had been easy than the bathroom would now be done. But no, I had to cut out a small section of wall, use my power saw to cut the pipe, mount a new wall drain, reconfigure the drainage from the sink 3 times, put together the tailpipe system for the sink and mount the faucet and connect it to the water supply. Then clean up the mess from all the leaking water when it was tested multiple times.

Hopefully the rest of the bathroom will go smoothly and it will be back to working and will be the first fully completed room in the house, YAA! Well i think that is enough for now till next time!