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So yeah! i graduated and now it is time to enjoy a nice well deserved summer break right? Wrong. I must be crazy because i have completely flipped my plans for future schooling and have decided to become a gunipig for a new Masters program. The Masters of Real Estate Development (MRED) was looking for a few good men (no more than 15) to enroll in the new program and be the new poster children. The catch is that there is not internal system setup for class enrollment, you have to take summer classes to stay on track, it is borrowing teachers so all classes are non negotiable, it is super plus full time requirement and there is no one who knows even a majority of the answers the students have. Oh also there is no financial aid and it is recommended you work no more than 10 a week, so pretty much you need to live off loans.

Why take this mad dive into a tumultuous program? 3 reasons

1. Higher pay grade than previous masters
2. Sooner graduation date (assuming survival)
3. More job opertunities available

So that is the update on my life and now i need to get back to reading my other 150pgs for tomorrow. Everyone enjoy your summer a little extra for me,becouse i may too busy to enjoy mine.