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Alright first of all let me say FINALS ARE OVER!!!!!!! Man it feels so good to say that! So how did I do you ask. Well if you becca what I tell her it’s” not good enough”, I am always fanaticizing about getting A’s. But honestly it feels like it will get a mix of A’s and B’s out of 5 classes maybe 2-a and 3-b. Though right now it could be 5-cs and I’d be ok. Of course I still have summer school starting in a week, but till then I am going to enjoy the time off. That and the summer section ends the last week in July so I’ll still have august to myself. So I am trying to sell my motorcycle for $800 and this is how it is listed on Craig’s list.


1982 Honda Sabre, 750cc, 36k mi, electric start, liquid cooled, rear axle drive, brand new battery, cleaned air filter, great first time bike

I bought this motorcycle in October and was only able to ride it about a dozen+ times before it got too cold. I planned on getting it registered this summer when I worked full time but now I am going to summer school and don’t have the time or money.


I had its engine checked and they said it was fine and would last another 8-10k mi easily. I have not gotten it registered and don't know if it will pass inspections. It needs a new back tire, I need to replace a light cover (which i have), needs a new 25 cent gasket to put on the oil screw to stop the leak and has light superficial damage that’s all I know, but it needs to be officially inspected first to know of any other problems, which i will not do. It’s worth $1000 running in fair shape, but I’m only asking for $800 that’s a $1.06 per cc, if interested email me

Now I know your saying, why did you list so many bads? Because so many people are asking about it and if it is registered and blah blah blah , so I want to make sure they understand, no it wont pass and two I don’t know all the problems that’s why its cheep! Now as for a longer explanation of why it is being sold 1. The money set aside to fix it up is now going to school 2. I am not actively selling it and will keep it till it sells 3. The money from the sell will buy a working scooter that I can use now So those are the additional reasons and someday if I like riding the scooter I will give it to becca and get myself another, but working, motorcycle. Sometimes dreams just have to wait or be only partially completed until a better time comes along, and this is one of those dreams.

Also today or tomorrow I will be calling gateway to have them send out a box for my laptop so it can get fixed (again) so that I can enjoy it for another year of school (hopefully). I told becca that I think the next laptop I get will be a tablet pc depending on how much writing my job or schooling requires. I don’t really use much on my laptop except for the wireless internet, music/ video player, USB port and for the Microsoft office program. I don’t really even use the CD/DVD player that much. So a tablet should have what I need with the writable screen and light weight I want.

Well I should go my brain is getting fuzzy and I still have to walk up hill to get to the station to wait for the train to get to the next station to wait for the next train to get to my station to drive across town to get home to do house work to get ready for the scout program tonight. Wait……. do I really want to leave?



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