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Yeah happy over a thousand visits to me!! So the lappy is still at home but will be turned in on Thursday back to the evil gateway people who sold it to me. This past weekend we took a c+ yard and completely tilled it under and made it into an A+ muddle puddle thanks to the rain. However we did make the side yard much nicer we took out the weeds, put a border up, laid down weed cloth, put down mulch, laid out a stepping stone path and planted some young bushes. All in all it went from being a D- to a B+ in my book. The project also broke me of any desire to do more projects for a week or two. Both me and Becca were so sore that our hands hurt and mine cramped a couple times while I slept. But now all that needs to be done is putting in the grass seed and me finishing up the above ground sprinkler system to water it and then we have to wait and water to see if we get a new lawn or have to start saving up for a new sod yard next year.


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