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This will be a brief blog since i need to be doing home work, but i couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell this quick story. I was walking from the office building i work at to the train station to get to the campus for class. It was really sunny and bright and i started to feel really hot in my lightweight hoodie because of how warm the sun was. But i couldn't take it off because even though it was warm outside and making me hot, it was still some how snowing at the same time.

There was just enough high altitude cloud cover for it to be snowing while the weather was warm and the sun was shining. It was so weird. I personally think that beats other freak weather conditions like when it is sunny and raining at the same time or when it is sprinkling w/ no clouds in the sky. Because the snow should have turned to rain by the time it hit ground, but no it stayed snow till it melted on the warm sidewalk. In other news i bought my cap and tassle for graduation today, so now i have to send out invites to the ceremony. Actually I guess i better first find out the date huh. I think it is may 8th but it could be the 9th, I'll let everyone know once i find out.


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