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This will be a quick little post because I am only doing it while I wait for the single coat of paint on the ceiling to dry. Which wont take long because the bathroom is the size of a walk in closet and has a space heater going in it. After that it is really a matter of putting down the vinyl flooring and putting the bathroom fixtures back into place, no problem (I hope!). I just wanted to say that redoing the bathroom has been a lot of fun and has reminded me how much I enjoy working with my hands and solving small remodeling problems. It also has made me grateful that I posses practical skills and am capable of doing things around the house and not having to pay someone. On that note I would like to thank my Dad for teaching me over the years how to do everyday and project related fixes and for being an example of the importance of being self sufficient. If it was not for him I don't think I would be half as capable as I am today.


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