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So I was cleaning out some of the favorite links in my google chrome tab and found my links to my blog. I have 2 links 1 allows me to see my blog, the other one allows me to sign into my blog. Something about the current layout doesn't give me the option to log in, it kinda weird. With 2.5 yrs going by since my last epic moving theft adventure there is way too much to try and catch up on and with my own company being so demanding I don't know if I will really pick up blogging again. So a few bullet points about life is what I think I will start with and I'll see if a habit develops.

  • Married 8yrs this Dec
  • 3 Children now
    • Claire- 4
    • Alex- 2
    • Elizabeth- 9mo
  • Family is happy and healthy, Claire is in Preschool
  • Living in parents house while they are in CA
  • Graduated with Masters in Real Estate Development
  • Just got chickens and trying back to eden gardening
  • worked/working with Provident Development group as a Project manager (1.5 yrs) and now recently as an independent marketing event planner (2 mo)
  • Own my own company Provident Property Management for 2 yrs now. A good starting of clients allowing me to get my feet wet and start supporting myself.
  • Just starting this month to upgrade all our services to owners and tenants by purchasing more packages from our service provider, it like starting the company all over again with all the contracts and changes in procedures.
  • Once things settle down a little with the upgrades I need to find a new commission based leasing agent to help expand the company
  • Have my first rental property 8107 Winfield Ave. Found it while cleaning it out for a friends friend, and it has been a learning experience from the beginning. I could do multiple stories on this house.
  • I was in the 11 yr scout program for 2 yrs and an elders quorum teacher for 1 yr (which I loved). Just last week I was asked to be the 1st counselor in the YM Program over the teachers and released from my teaching position :( .
Not too much else I can think of on the fly for bullet points, like I said after 2 yrs there is just too much to catch up on for 1 post. till next time.


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