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so I got a brown, classic cut leather coat this saturday for my birthday present, and it looks really good. Today is the first day that i have worn it out of the house to the school and it also happens to be the first day where it was warm enough to not wrap my scarf around my head and be able to look up and around at who was at the stop with me. i never relized how many other people were wearing leather clothes of somekind or another. Probaly one out of five people, so 20 out of the 100 or so people on the platform had on a leather coat. It made me feel a little less special and kinda like one of the socitial sheep. Which for those of you who know me, know that i don't mind following along the main path with the other sheep, but i hate to be in the middle of them doing exactly what they are doing. So for me this was kind of a sad relization. But the one things that made it better was that out of those 100 people only 2 had a brown coat like mine and I was one of those two.


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