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So the good news is that midterms are over and I feel like I did a good job on them. Though the law test was something else, I studied for 2.5 hours straight till it felt like there was literally no more physical room for the information i was trying to study, then for the essay part of the test we are suppose to write down as much of the legal principles that we can that pertain to the case even if they don't lead to a winning argument. It honestly felt like turning on the spigot and letting the information flow out till I felt empty. It was such a weird feeling to be so quickly and totally drain of all knowledge on a subject that I couldn’t even think afterwards.
The better news is that it is starting to feel like spring and I got my laptop back and it is working just fine. So know I can start keeping my school work on it again and hopefully start blogging on a regular basis. I would love to write more but right now I’m at work so I need to get off so see ya folks soon.


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  1. Mom KAS On February 29, 2008 at 6:00 PM

    I send wishes for great grades on the midterms, and am happy your laptop is healed and back in your hands (or is that "lap"?) again.

    Spring? What's that? We're pushing high 80s here already. Oh wait. That is our "Spring".