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So a couple of people have wanted to know what my future plans are so i thought i would just go over a quick snapshot of what i hope will happen. Hopefully at the end of the December if not before i can quit my Lowe's job and be interning at a planning firm of some sort. then by the end of may 09 i hope to have my BS in planning. I would like to then move out of Utah to a more hospitable environment like in the middle to eastern states where land is more plentiful and the cost of living lower. Also i don't really enjoy the dry heat here and i think there is something growing in the desert areas that I'm allergic to, because in TX and UT i get something like hay fever, but not in IL or Mo where i last came from. Becca claims to be a "sun child" so we will probably have to find a fairly sunny place to live. Mostly the job i get will decide on what state we live in.

In what ever state we move to we would like to buy a parcel of land, w/ or w/o a house on it, from 1-8+ acres so we can have a large garden - small farmett. We don't really want to be farmers, but some of the things we enjoy and want to do resemble that type of lifestyle. Hopefully this land would be close enough to the area i work and to local stores that it would only be 15 min or less to get into the city area. We would like to live in a 80,000 +/- 15,000 type city. I would like for it to be a college town, because i think i would enjoy doing some part time teaching at a local community college or university. I also would like to have a small library room for myself and Becca to study and read in piece, man shed/ tinkering shop and small fishing stream/pond on the property whether natural or artificial. I know Becca has somethings she would like too, like a nice sewing/ crafts room, established garden beds with green houses, nice indoor kitchen and a small outdoor one for nice days, to name a few. Obviously most of these things will take time to get and build and some we may never see.

A nice transit system around town and to local outlying areas and lots of people and dog parks, natural trails and camping would also make it a better place to be . I would like to stay with the same company for a while and move up through the ranks, but that is not a major concern of mine. I think i would like to work for/run a private company as a consultant to other government planning organizations. I have heard private companies have more flexibility, larger pay and a bigger assortment of job projects. Still being this far down the work ladder i am still open to other jobs and positions. Being close to family would be nice, but since most of us are still in a moving stage of our lives it would be hard to plan our moving around family, though i suppose if family or close friends wanted to buy/rent land from us to live on that could be arranged.

Kids would be nice to have, ya know to entertain guest and do chores j/k. But hopefully sometime between now and then we will either have one or be on the way of having one. If we timed it right and nature was willing we could have a child just about the time i graduate. Then Becca would still have health insurance and could quit when the baby was born and i could start working. Of course that's all luck and circumstance at this point. Being out of credit card debt is also a goal we have and hopefully that one will happen before i graduate.

I don't know if i have any other large goals besides those at this moment, i really just want out of my college kid life of half work, half school, no money or ability to get more and no permanent plans. i guess the only other "big" goal i have for us is to try and go on another cruise for our 5 year anniversary and the only reason that's a big one is because i need to start saving for it now. Well for anyone who read this whole things i applaud you, i believe this is the biggest blog i have ever written.


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  1. Sonic Death Monkey!!! On March 25, 2008 at 5:06 PM

    Al, I know a great place that stays fairly warm, its on the East Coast and has two universities to teach at...

    I won't spoil the answer, you can figure it out I'm sur

  2. Ginny On March 25, 2008 at 11:43 PM

    Hooray, nice long blog! Sounds like some neato plans. Come to KC, we'd be glad to have you!

  3. Becca On March 26, 2008 at 9:10 AM

    I love you hubby. I had that same thought about babies and you graduating this morning.

  4. Anonymous On March 26, 2008 at 6:10 PM

    Great Blog!