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So my break has ended and i am now back at school. I also ended my break by getting a cold, it is not the kind like my wife has with the sinus and throught problems,i have the belly flux and no energy problems. So I am skipping the classes i can and trying to make it through the ones i need to be at. So far my mind tends to wander off every 5-8 min and i have to refocus myself on the teacher. One of the ways i can tell i am sick is that i get upset or fall into dark moods easily and for no reason, i think it comes from being overly tired and just wanting to sleep and not understanding why the rest of the world can't just leave me alone to do it. I have twice found myself upset with random strangers who are not even directly interacting with me. They are just doing something in my general area and it bothers me that they are there. I know this is silly and i shouldn't do it, so i make myself stop focusing on them and try to do something else. For the most part its not a problem but i have noticed it gets worse as i stay awake longer.

Break was good. I got my motorcycle title replaced so now i can get it registered. I got the boat registered so we can take it out when ever we want to. I put up another door in the house,which doesn't sound like much, but it takes 3-4 hours to do one with little or no trouble. I also cut holes in our cabinets ceiling and roof to vent outside our stove top hood in case something ever burns and that was a 2 day project by itself. I have to admit that i like doing things around the house. What i don't like doing is being rushed to get it done or having to try and squeeze it into the few minutes i have between work and school. i like to do the projects for the sheer joy of doing them. not so i can get them done and have it beautify or add accessibility to anything. Well I'm gonna stop here because i am losing interest and focus more and more. so c-ya later


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