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They say that to become a real skater or blader or bmx-er you have to wipe out pretty good and do some damage. Well today i became an official scooterer. About 3 weeks ago i found a razor scooter some kid had left behind because they had broken the front wheel, bent the forks and messed up the pole that leads to the handles. Well i had been wanting to find a new way of getting around the campus using some wheels but can't skateboard, don't want to hassle w/ a bike and don't want to take on and off roller blades, so i thought this scooter might be the solution. I toke it home bought a new wheel straitened the forks and the pole was only keeping the handles from retracting, no big deal. So i took it to school to my job on campus and road it to and from work and other than it being a little short i had no problems. Than today i took it to class with me and getting to the school was fine i was on a side walk and would have to get off every now and then so i didn't run over people and had no problem. Then on the way back from class i had to go across a couple of different types of concrete pourings. This was the first place the scooter failed the wheels are so small it would get stuck in groves and i would have to get off it to pull it out of this 1/4 inch groove then later on a parking lot i found that it doesn't turn very well either.

Then came the time of my christening. There is this semi long and steep hill to get to the train stop and last time i had ridden down half of it from work. This time i decided to start at the top. Two skinned palms, one skinned knee and a skinned elbow later i found out that the brakes don't work that great either and that i can not run as fast as a scooter can roll down hill. Yes, of course i lost it in front of a group of people walking up the side of the parking lot and one guy actually stopped and asked if i was o.k. So did i feel embarrassed and stupid? Why no actually my adrenaline was running so hard and i was having so much fun that i actually was laughing and having a good time despite the blood oozing out of my body and the knowledge that tomorrow i will be totally sore. It has been so long since i got out and did anything like that, that i had a great time. however the scooter has shown me that it can not do what i need it to. So i have decided that i need to look elsewhere for my new form of transportation and maybe I'll just pawn the free scooter.


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