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So my laptop has been having problems so i sent it in to get fixed before my warranty runs out on it. yesterday i got it back and the second i cut the tape on the box i realized i had forgot to remove the pass word to my windows when i sent it in! So i knew they must have reformatted my drive and reloaded window. Sure enough i turn it on and it is no longer my computer it has lost all its personality and is now a blank slat that i must now try to rebuild again. So that was soooo frustrating and saddening for me. But then today i put on some of my backed up files and left for school a little early so i could download some updates for the lappy and guess what i find. THEY DIDN'T FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They completely deleted my files, ruined years of personalizing and not only sent it back unfixed but it is coming up with errors it never had before i sent it! If i could get the guy on the phone who did this to me I'd really let him have it. However since it will be a call center operator who gets the call i will be much nicer but still very upset about the situation. I still have till June 27 then my warranty expires and if its not fixed by then (which I'm sure it will be) then they will be fixing it with their own dollar. Well i must go to class now and see if i can concentrate on my school work.


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  1. Kim On May 13, 2008 at 5:27 PM

    What kind of laptop do you have?? I am going to buy one and I want to make sure it's not the same brand as yours :)

  2. Sonic Death Monkey!!! On May 13, 2008 at 6:02 PM

    Being a tech guy for the better part of two years, I can tell you something you might already know. A) Tech guys think that anyone they are talking to knows less than them, and always assume they can talk their way out of the problems. B) Reloading a machine fixes any problem. Why would a lazy tech guy want to actually figure out the issue when he can pop in a disk, let it sit for an hour, and come back with a clean slate.