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So we put in the grass seed this week and went into the back yard where i was assembling the 50' section of sprinkler pipe. first we tired to bring it up in one whole piece but it was too big for just the two of us to move with out having mass frustration or something breaking on the way. So i cut it into 3 sections and put on the joining adapters so that when all the pieces were up front it could be put back togeather and used. I had planned on dsing this anyways but wanted to do it later in the year when we were taking in for the winter. So we go it up to the front put together and all postioned and hooked up to the hose. The sprinkler heads i bought are ment to cover 11' each and are spaced 10' apart giving complete and comprhensive coverage to all the lawn area. However when we turned the hose on each sprinkler only cover ready....1'. what happened to the 0 behind that 1? It left when it found out that the water pressure behind the hose was less than origionally thought. So about 6hrs of work and 3hrs of planning were all for nothing. We ended going back to lowes buying 4 srinkler heads attaching them to lawn spikes and running individual hoses to each of them and then getting about half the range out of each that they are capable of. So now about 80% of the yard is getting watered and we have all the pipe we need to build becca a fancy new green house for her garden. So while the supplies are not a waste the time and energy put into it were. But oh well.


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