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So last Friday and Saturday we went out to the Jordanelle Lake and took our tent and little 12' fishing boat w/ outboard motor and camped for the night. This was a new experience for me, not that I haven't been camping before but the way the site was setup was very different from what I am used to. At all the sites I have ever been to they tell you what plot to go to and then you decide where to put your tent and usually you are surrounded by trees and insects. This time however they had built a little 12 x 12 gravel pad to setup on and there were 3 trees per site, which obviously had been predetermined by the management, and there were no bugs what so ever and we happened to get a spot about 50 yards away from the lake front. The lack of bugs was very nice, I assume this was due to the cold summer we've had and the high elevation we were camping at and it was kind of pleasant to be able to see all the way across the lake and to see the outhouse instead of having to navigate your way through the forest, though I did miss the cover when it rained that night. I was not too impressed with the gravel pad though, it was way rough on the body even though we brought stuff to sleep on it was still easy to feel the rocks beneath the padding.

But all in all the site was very pretty and I took a picture of it using my old school film camera, so maybe in a few months when we use up the film I will post a picture of the campsite. So after a fairly cold night we woke up to a drizzling morning and decided to tough it out and go fishing on the boat. We drove to the boat launch and after some comunication problems between Becca and i we got the boat launched and went out to go get some fish. To make an entire day event short we never caught a thing though, Becca almost caught a bird and I got a couple of bites while Becca was back at camp making breakfast. Becca's new fishing equipment I bought her worked great and my older equipment failed me miserably by continuously breaking and getting the line tangled in the reel. We boated into a cove to fish and found a family of 7-9 beavers? woodchucks? Muskrats? Something. They were cute though, they ran up and down the hill and played in the grass while me and Becca fished and caught nothing. After that we needed to go in so we could clean up camp and I showed Becca how to operate the boat. She grasped the concepts just fine and only had problems when it came to pull starting the motor, but on the 5-6 time she got it started and she "drove" us back to the boat ramp where we loaded the boat and went back to the site. There we cleaned up the camp in about 15 minutes and made it back home around 3pm on Saturday in time to go to the church pig roast. Then we went home and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

All in all it was a good trip, i told Becca to make a list of things she felt needed improvement for next trip and we would try to accomplish them before next time we go out. My list so far is 1. Get new fishing gear 2. Get better sleeping pads 3. Buy camp stove (we borrowed one) 4. Get new sleeping bags for us 5. Buy small hatchet 6. Remember to drink more water and wear suntan lotion, I got burned and a little dehydrated.


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