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So last Thursday thru Saturday i spent everyday all day working on my friends fence with them. It was nothing special just a wood fence with a front gate and a double gate for car access on the side. We had to dig new post holes ( by machine and hand) put in the poles build the gates measure and put up the arms/ rails and then put on the planks. Over all it went really easy with no major complication and i think the resulting fence will last as long as they want it to and when they are done staining it will look nice. I was happy to help and well compensated for my labor, but man i don't know if I have fully recovered yet i am still tired and a little sore. Of course Becca missed out on the whole thing because she was at camp, but she still got to enjoy one of the perks for loaning me to build the fence. But for the most part that took up all my weekend.
Today i started to do some of the things that i would normally have done like mow the lawn and work on the house. I am currently puttying all the holes and cracks in the kitchen then i will finish the wall next to the cabinets and fix the gap in the wood floor by ripping down two floor boards to make on large one to make up for the shifted wood planks that happened during the mysterious leak episode. Then once that is done its on to the main bath to replace the floor, vanity and sand and paint the walls. Well i gotta go to class!


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  1. Shannon On July 21, 2008 at 9:52 PM

    Um, we are not a gross part of human anatomy. We are the BOWLES, like cereal bowls. :) I'm sure it was just a typo or a subconscious stab at being bitter for us stealing your weekend. ;) Sorry you're still sore. We started staining tonight. It does look good. Thanks again for all your help and your tools' help.

  2. Sonic Death Monkey!!! On July 21, 2008 at 9:53 PM

    I'm unemployed, wake up late, cruise the internet, hang out by the pool... and then complain about vacuuming it because the sun is too hot.

    You are doing so much more... and in the desert.

    I feel like so much less of a man after reading your blog.