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O.K. fine Dan is right, my site has been under construction for a while now with no noticeable updates or major changes. I have this problem of only being able to connect to the net before class and Becca wants to see me or something so that kinda cuts down on the time i have to use the Internet before i go into my statistics class. So mostly the important things get done like checking my email for important documents, transferring money and looking up school "need to do" items. So blogging takes a back seat. "But don't you have Internet access at your local library?" you ask.Why yes i do,but you weren't supposed to remember that, because now i look like a slacker.....which I'm obviously not..... The problem with the library is that i don't like it, it hot, smelly, uncomfortable and there is not a private corner anywhere next to a wall socket so i really don't like to use the net there unless i really have to."But didn't you say you were going to try to start blogging more often? " you say. To which i reply, that boy are you starting to get on my nerves. YES i said that, but sometimes we say things that we don't really think that we will follow through with. " So your a liar then?" you say. Fine, yes i lied to you. I really don't have any intention of writing more until school starts up again and i have down time between classes, are ya happy now?! Yes, you reply to yourself, because by now i have walked away in disgust.


2 responses to "Dan is correct"

  1. Ginny On July 7, 2008 at 6:45 PM

    Haha, fair enough Alann! Go ahead, be busy and not blog...see if we care!

  2. Sonic Death Monkey!!! On July 8, 2008 at 7:38 AM

    I was just feeling a little sickly because I was getting a daily dose of Vitamin A. Then it turned into a weekly dose. And now I only get half a vitamin A capsule once a month. It just disturbs me a little bit that you won't think of the children's health Allan.