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So yeah, this is like the 3rd post this week from me, but don't get used to it, i just happen to have a little extra time before class today. Also make sure you read the last post and that you respond to it, so i can see what everyone thinks. On my way to school i got passed by this early 90's white truck with an obviously low class driver, was i not doing the speed limit you ask, why no i was doing the limit and was in the correct lane. However what i wasn't doing that made this driver upset and pass me with a mighty rev of his engine was that i was slow starting at all the red to green lights. Basically i was starting off the line slower than everyone else, but the funny thing is that i would get to the next red light at around the same time as the other drivers in my "group".

I have driven this route enough times to know that if you get stuck at one red light you wont make it to the next light while it is still green so i don't even bother trying. But mister "has to speed" didn't seem to feel the same way as i did. I assume that he alsotakes this route fairly often too because he turned into a subdivision on the way. But my thought was even if i didn't know about not being able to make the next light why would i want to race from one light to the other.
All it does is 1 waste gas by getting into higher RPMs just to move a little faster at the beginning of moving 2. add more wear and tear to the engine 3 use up your brakes faster due to harder stopping at the next light. 4 wear out the tread on the tires faster from needed additional traction 5 make you look like an idiot as you race around people just to end up with them at the next light 6 get you upset if you don't make the next light and 7 add more pollution into the air because of the bad energy efficiency of your motor at that speed/power ratio. So really i gotta ask is it really worth speeding off the line just so you can end up next to me again at the next light?


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