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So today while checking up on the status of my school loans and other things I went to yahoo to see if i had gotten any responses to a couple of emails. While in my inbox I found a letter from Columbia House about a 3-$22 sale they were having, and since i haven't bought any movies for a while i thought i would go ahead and look around for a bit. Now for those who don't know me, i love to own movies even if i only watch them once every 3 years. The fact that i have that movie to watch when i want it brings me a since of comfort and pride. But anyways back to the story, have you ever noticed that movies you may never wanted before suddenly look like they might nicely fit into your collection when they hit the $5 mark? I was scrolling down the page going that looks good, haven't seen that in a while, i remember that one, I probably could have just clicked on every movie in the sale and been quite happy with myself. However i did not buy anything, i just sat here and drooled until i could no longer look at the site for fear of shorting out my laptop.

The big news this week is that i was offered an internship with wilbur smith assoc, which i will begin working at in about 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately that is the only information i have on the job so far because they are still setting up the lab and have not finalized many of the details yet. But since this is a requirement for me to graduate as long as they don't try to pay me $3.00 an hour for 60hrs a week scrubbing floors i will probably be happy with whatever it is they come up with, after all some internships don't pay at all and have little to do with the actual degree. So I will keep everyone posted on what happens there.till next time, c-ya!


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  1. Shannon On September 3, 2008 at 1:59 PM

    Congrats on getting the internship! Also, you are so strong to have not bought any of those movies. I'm a sucker for owning movies too. BTW we enjoyed watching X-Men the last stand this weekend while you were gone. Hope you had a good trip!