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So i am trying to get all my financial aid stuff taken care of before they take away my classes and i have to go through this site uheaa and it wants to know all this information and passwords so i can access my account and then i have to put in my fasfa pin number at the end to electronically sign my docs. The problem is that i have not accessed this data in over a year and all the anwers are case sensative and half the questions i have no idea how to answer so now i have 5 days left to get this stuff taken care of and am waiting for a new pin number that may take 1-3 days to get all because these sites are so ultra high security that i can't even get into my own account and end up getting shut out and having to reapply for the accounts. I seriously hate the "electronic age" right now and wish they would just give me a piece of paper at the finacial aid office to sign so i could get it all done in person w/ an ID card instead. But no everything has to be done with email and passwords to save on trees and time. If i have to reapply for my own accounts again after getting this pin i might just take the semester off!!!


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