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So first off i want to thank Craig for reading my blog and then when he saw a camcorder on sale at http://www.woot.com/ letting me know, and while i found out i can get a newer one for cheaper elsewhere, i appreciate the effort.

My arms are all better now and can hang at my side with no problem, though if i stretch them i still feel a little soreness at the elbows. Whether you like Obama or not one of his web pages announced that he is going to make a new position and field of higher level federal jobs dealing with urban design and policy to help the US become better connected, efficient and energy sustainable. This of course means a much brighter, steady, opportunistic and lucrative job field for myself. Because for every 1 gov job that appears 10 more in the private sector are made to support or compete with it. So that is exciting for planners and others who are in a similar job field.

My topic today is about bathrooms and some of what goes on in them. Now i don't know how it is for the girls in the bathroom, but for guys there are a couple of etiquette rules about where to stand and where to look and so on and so forth. Now i don't know if this is an etiquette thing or just a peeve of mine, but i can't stand it when someone is in the public bathroom in the stall and they are doing something other than using the facilities. At every job I've been at, there is some person who thinks the stall is their own little bathroom like at home. Regardless of why i am in the bathroom, i don't want to hear your cellphone conversation with your buddy while your in the stall. Also why are you texting, shouldn't you be trying to get something done so you can go back to the office where work and other conversations are supposed to be?

One that i really couldn't take was a guy at Lowe's who would take the public break room newspaper in to the bathroom with him, read it, lay the read sections on the floor when he was done with them and then return it to the break room table. Eeewwww! Regardless of how the person doing these things feels about others hearing them, they should be considerate of how it makes others feel when they are in the bathroom. Some people refuse to use public bathrooms in the first place, lets not make it anymore uncomfortable for them by making their bodily functions part of the background noise of your phone call. Can't people just say goodbye or hang up their phone for a coupe minutes to get things done. Besides think of what might happen if the phone slipped out of your hand.


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  1. Sis in law Christine On November 13, 2008 at 8:35 AM

    There are women on my floor here at work that also have phone conversations while they are in the stall. I purposely flush the toilet at opportune times so that the person they are talking to is quite aware that they are in the bathroom :) There are also women on my floor that congretate in the bathroom to chit chat and hold some sort of gossip meeting. That's a little weird if you go in there to "actually" use the bathroom.

  2. Craig and Sarah Severinsen On November 13, 2008 at 9:51 AM

    YEAH! Shout out!