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I tried to blog on Wednesday and even though I had the time I did not have the will. I sat down, logged in, looked at the screen for a few minutes, came up with nothing and promptly logged off.
I feel that when you have nothing, you have nothing and you shouldn't have to try and force something out, because it wont be as good as if you had just waited till you have something to say. Though that is not to say that you can get away with never blogging at all because you feel like you never have something to say, ehm you guys know who you are.

I started to read a blog of someone who had just started to write and i started to laugh. I noticed that everyone, including myself, who starts a new blog always starts it off the same with some kind of explanation of why they never thought they would start a blog and then how they somehow got pulled into doing it and not to expect anything from them because they might not keep doing it. It made me wonder why we all have to excuse ourselves and pretty much ask permission from the electronic society in order to start a blog. After blogging for a small time now i think it is perfectly fine to say, hey I’m an awesome, entertaining person and that is why I’m starting a blog, now get over here and start following it!

I'm sure this has happened to other people but today at the store i was in line to buy my goods and this guy gets in line behind me and just starts talking to himself and getting closer and closer to me. He kept mumbling about things under his breath just loud enough to hear him with out being able to understand what it was he was saying. He didn't look crazy, we was fairly well clean and had on a business uniform so I assume he had a job and was a stable individual, but he just crept me out I wanted to turn around and say to him can I have more than 3 inches of personal space and would ya please shut up or finish your conversation with yourself a little quieter. Of course I didn’t say anything because now days you never know who is packing heat and just looking for a chance to use it.

Speaking of packing heat, I registered for my classes next semester and I am going to learn how to pack steel. I signed up for a fencing class and am really looking forward to taking it. I don’t plan on walking around town with a sword strapped to my hip, but I think everyone should get to take at least one fun class in college that they wouldn’t be able to take anywhere else. Maybe someday me and kirk can have a duel, though I think I would need a bigger sword to match his claymore. Anyways my lunch is up and i have a lot of projects due soon so i need to go, till next time!


2 responses to "Friday"

  1. Kyle On December 4, 2008 at 11:29 AM

    alann, I see you even less now that you live in Utah. We need to get together. I didn't know your wife was expecting. Mine is too. Congrats Cousin.



  2. Craig and Sarah Severinsen On December 17, 2008 at 10:13 PM

    Was that bit about never blogging aimed at me? Or maybe it's my guilty conscience...