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So for some time now i have noticed that the blogger websites have allowed you to do some more things to them then when i first joined and i have really wanted to do an updating of my site. The only problem is that it takes forever to do it and since we don't have Internet at home i cant just work on it in my spare time. The other problem right now is that all the end of the year big projects are coming to the time when they need to be started and i still have a few things to get done around the house before we go to AZ for Thanksgiving. This unfortunately means that my blog look update will have to wait for another couple weekends and that this weekend is officially leave Alann alone so he can get some work done. These are never good weekends, because inevitable something comes up that gets in the way or i can get people/animals to leave me alone for long enough periods to accomplish anything and besides that, they are just not fun. I'd rather be out doing things with Becca around the house or relaxing, but unfortunately those things wont help me to catch up on my work.

If i could pick anything i wanted to do around the house for this weekend i think i would finish cleaning up the garage. Since i started to organize my workbench it has made me realize how messy the rest of the garage is and once it hits winter it is no longer an option to go into it for long periods of time because it isn't insulated or even really finished.I really can't think of anything else i want to write about so i think i'm just gonna end it here. till next week.


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