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So apparently the duckhunter game in my game corner had gone bad so everytime someone tried to view my site it would redirect them to another site so i had to go into my layout section and try to hit the remove button before it changed to the other site. Well alot has changed in my life since i last posted and unfortunately it looks like things are going to stay quiet for a while on the blogger front. I just looked at my scheduale for the next month and i have a major test, 2 finals, a 14 page pager, a major project, a new 32hr maintenance job, a scholarship job, a house to remodel and a baby to prep for. SO, I MAY BE A LITTLE BUSY. But the good news is that life goes on and while things are busy they seem to be going well and at this point that is all I ask for. So till next time goodbye and good night.


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