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Before I go into detail on confronting Janet and Ben let me go into our basic approach tactic with Janet and for those of you who haven't seen me in a while or my wife our basic character and physical descriptions. This should help you understand some of the reasons we did what we did.

Because Becca is friends with Janet she is going to talk to her first and try to do things as friendly as possible (good cop) and as long as Janet cooperates I will just stay in the kitchen with Alex while Claire sleeps. Becca wants to try and make this conversation as pleasant and friendly as possible and wants to see if maybe her handling it will be enough to get things accomplished. If however things don't go as we want them I will take over and tell Janet how it is (bad cop). After all I have been up all night doing research on UT criminal law and am quite ready to tell them the title #- chapter # - section # of each law that pertains to this issue and what it means for us and to them.

So this is Becca my wife; sweet, caring, trusting and completely unintimidating, she is completely gorgeous and unassuming in every way. She will be the one to talk with Janet first.

This is me, 6'3" 265lbs, broad shouldered, goatee and constantly scruffy looking and according to my wife the "security bouncer" looking type. For those of you who remember me from high school my attitude is pretty much the same, happy, laid back, fun loving, just a great guy to know and hang out with. Same me just bigger and older with a little less hair on top.

So that is us and our basic 1st round tactic with Janet to get her to see some reason and get our stuff back. Around 7:45 we get a text from Janet saying she is going to be late because her car has broken down, but that she will try to be there as soon as she can. So I'm starting to worry that maybe she does have an idea of what is going on and she is going to bail on us and then it is straight to the police (which I was more than willing to do). However around 8:30 am she shows up and I take Alex into the kitchen with me while Becca sits down with Janet on the couch next to where I am.

Because I am trying to stay out of it for the first round I kinda stayed in the kitchen and couldn't hear much of the conversation, but I heard that the tone was really soft and meek with a bunch of this is missing and we didn't do it and I promise it wasn't us. The only thing she admitted to was the BB gun holes, saying that it was Ben and they would pay us for that damage. So finally after 4-5 minutes Becca says "Well I guess we have to call the police, can you give me your address please?" and Janet says sure and starts to text her husband for the address because she just moved there (his parents house) and doesn't know it yet.

Now this does not satisfy me at all. There as been a crime in our home by a welcomed person and 1 of the guilty party is sitting on our couch. There is no way I am letting them out of the house with just a small "where is our stuff" talk. So I step out of the kitchen after getting Becca some paper and a pen and say (paraphrasing) "Here is the problem, how long has Ben had that BB gun?"

Janet: He told me a couple months

Me: Well, he lied to you. We have the box for it in our closet where we put it after we found it in our recycling bin. He probably bought it with the money he stole from us out of these envelopes now on the counter which were hidden in a black notebook, which he had to go through one by one. Also the Guitar hero that was stolen was also scattered around the house in different rooms. Someone had to have the time to look around the house and to find all the parts. This wasn't a simple break in and take what you can see thing, this person had plenty of time to find the things they wanted and to take them.

We have talked to the neighbors and know that only you and Ben have been at the house and that Ben has used the truck a couple times and that the small amount of emergency gas money from the truck ash tray is missing. Since only the 2 of you had keys to the truck that means it was one of you who took it. (Some where in here she mentioned they had a friend over, but that they were with them the whole time, so they too couldn't have taken anything.)

I then tell her that even if it was the friend who took things, very doubtful considering the time needed and the fact that only a blind man would miss someone carrying drums out the door, she is still responsible for the theft because she was the one being paid to watch the house to make sure this thing didn't happen and she is an accessory to the crime if she knows about it. I then proceed to tell her that this is a 3rd degree felony punishable by 5yrs in prison and/or $5000 in fines if found guilty.

I then ask her if she ever let Ben stay in the house by himself for a long time and she says yes. So by now I can see fear and doubt creeping into her expression and I know that she is starting to take things seriously and wonder what her husband has been up to. So after what I considered logically and calmly talking to her about "how things are" we once again tell her she has till noon to see if maybe Ben borrowed something and forgot to tell us or if they can get a hold of their friend and see what can be done there, because if things are returned we are willing to forgive and forget and move on with life.

I then went back into the kitchen and got a drink and Becca has me name off again what was stolen so Janet could go look for it. So I say we know Guitar hero was taken, the cash, my jacket and we think a knife, which i described in detail to her, and a remote control car. Becca then showed her to the door with some words of condolence and we waited to see what would happen next.

About an hour later we get a text from Janet asking what the remote controlled car looks like. We describe the picture to the left and hope that maybe something has been found. After about 15 minutes the dogs start to bark and I look out the window and see a car in front of our house. So I put the dogs in the backyard so we can talk and then peek out the window and see Janet AND Ben walking up our drive while Janet is carry...........Traxx (no longer in its original box I might add). So now we know and Janet knows that either Ben or the friend have done this crime and they are BUSTED!

But where is everything else? Where is my birthday leather jacket? Did they bring back all the money they stole? Will Ben leave this house in one piece once i get my hands on him? Do we need to call the police still? You will have to find out later, because this post is already way long and it is bedtime. Check tomorrow for the conclusion.


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  1. Ginny On August 30, 2010 at 6:02 AM

    This is just crazy talk! I can't believe all that happened.