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So Becca opens the the door and lets them in and they walk in kinda apologetic like and get about 3 feet into the doorway where they stop and I am standing in the middle of our family room with my arms crossed, like I have a habit of doing, now I pictured myself looking very stern but reasonable. My wife says i looked more like combination of these 3 pictures, so just keep that in mind while you follow along with the conversation


Me:"Well?" (Once again paraphrasing)
Janet: We found Traxx in the back of our car. We don't know how it got there....
Me: And everything else?
Janet: We don't know where anything else is.... We... think it was... our friend who took the stuff..
Ben: We have $600 in cash we can give you right now.
Me: "I don't care who took it. The fact is that regardless if you took it (Ben) or she took it (Janet) you two are now married and are both responsible for the acts of the other and for the actions of anyone you let into our house while you were watching it. And because you found Traxx in your trunk it just proves that you had a part in this and are guilty by association if we have to go to the police. Offering us $600 is offensive to us and to what has happened.
I don't care what you have to do, if you have to take out all your money and give it to us, or go to your parents and ask for the money you will repay every penny you stole."

Now during my talk with them they tried to interrupt me twice (once each) and I had to wave them off with my finger, a glare and a growlish mmmpht noise to let them know that what they had to say to me was insignificant to what I had to say to them until I was done talking. Finally I asked them to leave my house and wait outside while I and my wife talked over what needed to be done to rectify the problem.
They then very meekly walked out the front door and waited on the front porch while me and Becca went into the back room and talked about what had been stolen and how much it was really worth so that we could replace what was gone but not take advantage of them at the same time. We talk about it for 5 min and agree that $1000 really is the amount of money that would be needed to cover the loss of everything. We also want to make sure they know that if they can bring back any of the missing items we will reduce the $1000 by the retail value of that item.
After deciding how much to tell them we go over to the front door and I half step out while Becca kinda hangs out in the door frame and the 2 of them look over at me anxiously to see what we have decided to do.
Me: We talked it over and $1000 really is the amount of money that was stolen and accepting less than that really is an insult.
Ben: I totally understand and if I was you I would feel the same way which is why I went straight to my bank account and took out all $600 to give you (gee, what a coincidence your bank account has just about the same amount of cash that was stolen, what are the odds?) and I promise that I will come over and help repair all the damage around the house. (Let me tell you he isn't coming within a block of my house if I can help it after this)
Janet: I get my paycheck today and it is $400, but I won't get it until 2
They also mention at some point in the conversation that they have not been able to get a hold of their "friend" yet.
So now it is time for the final word on this situation and what is going to happen to make things right. I look them dead in the eyes and say "Fine, you have till 5 pm to get your paycheck and bring all the money back to us and in the mean time try to talk to your "friend" to see if any more items can be return, because we would rather have our things than the money. But after 5pm we are calling the police and we have Traxx back and we know where it was so if we have to go to the police things most likely will not work out so well for you."
After that they say "Yes sir" shake my hand and leave with Becca once again giving Janet a hug and saying some words of sympathy to her. Soon after we leave the house to go and buy some new door locks because who knows if copies were made for later use to steal more. Then later we get a couple of texts asking if they can pay with a money order and if they can get some documentation to go along with the transaction.
We agree to both things and I write up a document for us all to sign that says (and this is the document minus names in the first paragraph, signature spaces and the list of items under "damages done").

This document affirms that the second party acknowledges responsibility to the first party’s claim of “damages done” and seeks to make the first party financially whole again with the agreed upon sum of $1000 to be paid by cashiers check number . In return for being made financially whole again the first party agrees to not seek legal recourse against the second party for the agreed upon “damages done”. Separate action may be taken for supplementary “loss” and/or “harm” found after the signing of this document and not listed below in the “damages done” footnote.

The First party and the Second party willfully and knowingly agree to the terms found within this document and do so by signing their names in the provided spaces below.

So they can feel good that we won't pursue them anymore for the found "missing" items, but we can still go after them for any other "missing" items we may find later after the paper is signed, so we feel better about the document. Around 4:45pm they show up with Janet's dad, for moral support I guess, and with the full amount of money in a check. They fill out the check paperwork and we all sign the documents and they leave the house hopefully for the last time EVER!
Here are some of our after thoughts on the whole thing:
  1. The worst part is never knowing if you are going to open a closet or cabinet and find something missing
  2. We think that it was only because of Janet that we got anything back and that it was Ben who took everything
  3. Always lock up anything expensive when leaving town, regardless of who is watching your place, because you never know

Oh no, Becca just found more (a lot) money missing. Looks like we are not done with this yet, I guess stay tuned.



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  1. MommaKAS On August 30, 2010 at 9:15 PM

    I can totally see you the way your wife saw you - as a blend of all 3 pictures. Having just got off the phone with your tearful wife (as a result of the other missing valuables) I gotta agree that you aren't even close to done with this yet. Janet should make sure Ben pays for all of his (and his "friend's") actions ... and then seek an annulment of their marriage.