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So for those of you who haven' t noticed it on your own, there is a little ad window at the top left of my posting area. Here is the deal with that, for every time it gets clicked i earn monies, but i can't do anything that would cause the button to be push more often than it would be by the normal amount of people who would be interested in the ad. In more simple terms, no sitting there and pressing the button or creating software to do it for me.

So yea, i guess you could call me a sell out or something, but really i just did it for fun, because i mean how many people are going to come here and click on the ad. But once you down load the file it starts off with a basic ad for something, which may or may not have to do with what your site is about. Mine started off with hurricane relief. But then once it is registered with the company it is supposed to be really smart and advanced, it scans your blog to find out what you talk about, what kinds of people are coming to it, and then produce ads that would appeal to them.

So my blogs are fairly wide spread in content and i don't really have too much of a running theme, so in my opinion my ads should be really general to appeal many people. But today when I looked at my ad it said "Find Locum Tenens", what?! Out of all the simple words I've used in my blogs like, keys, puppy, snow, mass transit, that it could have used, it comes up with that?!
Some super smart program, i think they hired a monkey in a cubicle to push buttons with different ad possibilities on them all day. so much for technology


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  1. Sonic Death Monkey!!! On January 31, 2008 at 10:40 AM

    I can't wait to mess with this ad thing. Maybe you can write about domestic trade in the Ukraine and I could write about black holes and confuse it into selling us black holes to use against the Ukraine. This could be good for finding what weird stuff they might sell.