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For the most part I try to keep my blogs light and funny if possible. But I think this one will be a little on the heavier side.

So for those who don't know I am going into Urban Design, which focuses on the growth and organization of complex systems within states, municipalities and counties to try and achieve maximum growth, efficiency and "happiness" for the people and institute. One of the general sayings that I hear the most is how we need to fix this or that because the system is dying and needs to be revitalized. Usually this is in reference to the big cities and how the population is leaving and the city is dying, but I have also heard it in reference to many other subjects that are discussed in class. This type phrase and thinking drives me nuts!

We are talking about systems and programs that have developed out of the public's social and economical demands and needs. If a system is dying off or failing (not becoming overburdened or inadequate) it is because the public no longer wants or needs to use that system or program. So if they don't want to use that system any more, why are we trying to shove it down the publics throughts or letting the old system evolve into the next solution for the current needs? Are people so attached to the past that they can't let it go? Or are we so afraid of change that we will cling to our outdate systems for comfort until they are so useless that they completely fail us and we are forced to find something new against our will.

Stop trying to put a bandage on a severed arm, find out why the system is failing, what is the underlying porbelm or reaso; what is the technology we have, today, that can meet this new need and ten proceed from there to come up with possible scenarios. Quit looking back!
Now I'm not saying to completely abandon the systems that we have in place. Just that we realize and accept what is happening with the long range public trend and adopt new systems while modifying the old ones to their new role in people’s lives. I just want people to quit trying to revitalize the old system because it worked in the past and we want it to keep working.

I also understand that I am not the most learned in this area yet and that I have over simplified much of the issue. I'm just tired of hear the people in my classes say that "Well in the past...... , we need to revitalize (Blank) because it’s dying and that’s "bad"" Can we please just move on people? Well like I said this was kind of a ranting, so next time I'll try and do a lighter thought, if not for you guys than because they are the kind I prefer to write.


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  1. Sonic Death Monkey!!! On January 31, 2008 at 11:16 AM

    I know what we need to revitalize cities. Horse drawn carriages and duels at high noon. Also it would help if like in the movies, we had an Asian man selling whole chickens (heads still attached) at a cart in the middle of the street. That's all we really need. Go tell your professor so he can save you all time and cancel class the rest of the semester.