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So I have been working on this blog now for a little while and it has high lighted a problem that I already knew about. I have too many passwords to keep track of! I have two different job passwords, passwords for school, multiple websites, accounts, computer log ins, email addresses and even for a face book account that I set up and have never been to since and probably others that I have forgotten about. When I first started to use passwords back in the mid 90's when we setup our Juno email accounts on our windows 3.1 using the 56k dial-up modem (trip) I tried to use the same password with different numbers at the end going in an ascending numerical order.

But as time has gone on my little 5-6 letter password was not enough for security reasons and I have had to abandon it on the side of the information highway. But now I find that with all the passwords I need to remember I have had to start writing them down, and what good is that? So now I am thinking about taking my car out on to the information highway and seeing if I can't find my old password and see if it has grown any so I can start using it again for all my sites. So till my next blog, may you all have a good time driving down the road of knowledge.


2 responses to "Now which key is it?"

  1. Sonic Death Monkey!!! On January 25, 2008 at 6:53 PM

    The worst is when you use variations of like 3 passwords, but one gets hacked and then you have to make up a completely new one and can't remember it. I changed my ebay password about 6 times in a three day period because I can't for the love of god remember what my password was.

  2. Ginny On January 26, 2008 at 8:45 AM

    Oh man, I sure know where to find the option..can't remember password! I've begun writing them all down. You know, it's helpful too cause what if something happens to you. Not sure Kirk would want access to everywhere I have an account with, but it will sure help him to be able to get into our bank account! lol