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Because of my job in a retail store and my school schedule and use of mass transit, I spend the majority of my time out in public places and using public facilities and services. Things like public bathrooms, public water fountains and sharing seating with strangers is something I use or deal with everyday. So I have grown used to seeing a lot of things that people do in these kinds of areas because they are not theirs. However one thing that I can not get used to the is the use of the water fountain as a place to dump any kind of waste that you no longer want in your hand, cup, nose or mouth.

Just because the fountain is there and has a drain on it does not mean that every thing fully or partially liquid should or can go in there. One of the most annoying things that I have happen to me is when I don’t look down first and bend over to take a drink and am confronted with this unknown off colored substance that is 1.5 inches from my nose and is staring up at me. I just think eewww what it if I had leaned down 2 more inches that would be on my face and not on the fountain anymore. I can’t stand it, more than half the time it makes me lose my thirst and I just have to walk away.

I have to ask what is so wrong with going over to the bathroom and using the trashcan or sink in there? Or maybe just wait till you’re at your own house to dispose of whatever it is. Luckily I haven’t caught anyone doing it yet because if I did I think I would have to never use that fountain again and my choices for clean useable fountains are slim enough as it is.


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