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My wife says she hates proof reading my writing assignment because of the bad grammar and spelling. Well what she doesn't know is that usually I have proofed and spell checked it myself at least twice, so I thought today I tell a story and not do a single correction. So let’s see if you guys agree with my wife.

My second is at the university of utah's museum of natural history and i am the assistant to the administrative secretary. i get al ot of cpoy this jobs or rewtype this and that easy stuff. Today i was sent to get some keys made at a building accross campuss, which meant that i had to take the free shuttle service to do it effeicently. So i took the bus and went over to the building only to find out hat Tony forgot to sign one of the pieces of paper so i had to what fot the next bus to come so i could go back to the museum and get him to sign the paper. Then i waited and cought the next bus over to the key biulding and handed in the signed piece of paper. Then i went out to the stop and waited for the following bus back to the museum. What should have taken only half an hour ended taking up 2 hour. So much for an efficeint work day.

So the computer counted 22 mistakes in my little story not counting bad phrasing, can you find them all?


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  1. Sonic Death Monkey!!! On February 4, 2008 at 8:49 PM

    Dude, I have horrible grammer, but that was rough.

    I guess though, since I majored in English, horrible grammer counts more against me by all rules.