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I sure that if you read Becca's and my blog that you will have heard this story before. Lately we have been fighting the mysterious wet puddle that likes to appear in our laundry room behind the washer. We tore out the a section of wall and redid the valves and cleaned everything up and thought that we had fixed the problem and for about three days we had. Then yesterday i came home to find that the mysterious wet puddle had reappeared but this time it had migrated to underneath the kitchens wood floor and was causing the floor boards to buckle. We originally thought that maybe it was a leak from a drain pipe or it was the bad valves dripping. But there was too much water under the floor for it to be that.

My guess is that we have a leaking supply pipe behind our newly tiled kitchen wall behind the sink. So i went and turned off the water to the house. and started pushing on the floor boards listening for the water underneath to gurgle so i could find the source of the problem, and sure enough as i got closer to the wall with the sink on it the worse the water sound got. So now we are looking at tearing out a possible two walls to try and find this leak so i can fix it and turn the water back on permanently, because till then we are only turning on the water when we need it. Becca made the comment yesterday that it seems like once we think we are done fixing up the house something else breaks or need to be worked on and she is getting tired of it, and i totally agree. I just got done putting in the new venting to through the roof for the stove hood when the mysterious wet puddle showed up and we took out the old valves, now the mysterious wet puddle has moved and a new "rush" project with no money has started and it is right at the beginning of finals time. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to own the home you live in.


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  1. Shannon On April 15, 2008 at 8:11 AM

    No kidding. We feel your pain. I'm sorry that the valves wasn't the end of the puddle story. Let us know if you need to shower/cook/hang at our house.