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So i am a big guy, and as such i have big feet. Not just long feet but wide feet, i have a size 13 wide in men's shoes. This causes no end of trouble when it comes to finding shoes for me. Usually i just have to settle on whatever shoe i can find that fits regardless of its looks. So the last pair of shoes i bought were only a 13 not a wide, and within the last month the front insides of the shoes where my big toes are have given out and so the sides of my big toes get a nice breeze. So last Friday we went and spent 2 hrs at the store looking for shoes that would fit me and found 2 pair, one of which i bought. But after only 2 days of wearing them the top of the left shoe blew a few stitches due to faulty materials ( not because of my foot size). So for the moment until i can take them back i have to wear my last pair of shoes. Today while walking to my class i looked down and not only saw that the front of my left shoe had given out, but so had that sock! So now when i walk not only does my left toe get a breeze, but it check out the view too!


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