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So i filled out my fasfa worksheet so i could get some loans for next semesters schooling. And today i got the basic reply in the mail telling me that the school had my information and would contact me with what loans i could take out. Loans you ask, no grants? Nope once again no grants. I have not received a single grant my entire college career. It always comes back and says that i have made too much money to qualify for even a small one. It's like we how much do i have to not make in order to get these stupid grants? And I'm sure even if i found out there is no way i could drop down to that level and still survive. I think they need to take in more financial information than just how much you have earned last year. I think they should compile a debt to income ratio to help determine who gets a grant. I believe if they did this than families with a significant debt ratio would be more likely to get a grant. I'm not saying they should base the whole decision off it, but it should be a factor.

I am hoping that i will at least get a big enough loan from the school this year to cover all my classes. Last year i had to take out an additional loan for books and luckily there is enough left to help pay for this summer semester too. I still will probably have to either use our credit cards or take out another loan for the summers books though, but i guess that is the price you pay to go to school. I can't remember how much it is but one of the blogs that Becca reads talked about how much school loan is advisable for the kind of job you will get, I'm positive that i am under the recommended amount, but at times it feels like i will never get this debt payed off, especially since it is still accruing. I know a couple of people who have graduated and now have jobs and it seems to be a mixed bag on whether or not paying off the school loans comes fast and easy or long and tediously. I am guessing that between meine and Becca's loans it will be long and tedious, though i would think that even if my first job was over 80k a year. So now i just have to wait and see what the school tells me it is willing to spend on me to get through these last 3 semesters, wish me luck!


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  1. Teene, Becca's sis On April 14, 2008 at 1:15 PM

    I think it was fitting that when I read your blogs today, the add at the top was about finding all the unused scholarships for school :)