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So the big "to do" this week has been trying to decide if will I go to graduate school or will I just start working. So far what I have come up with through my research is that if I go to grad school anywhere else or for another field it will take about 2-3 years to get a MA. But if I stay here and do a degree in the program here, it could take me 1.5-2 years or if I tried a dual masters 2-3. Of course that means I'm back in school and not working full time and can we have to decide if we can make it financially with a baby, if Becca only works part time or not at all regardless of where I go to school.

I think the most appealing course of action right now is to stay here and do the degree, because not only is it short, but the dean is willing to allow me to customize the program a little so I can focus more on design and less on policy. Also Becca could keep her job and if not go to a part time or work from home, position, than at least we have some great friends here who we trust, if they were willing, to watch the baby while Becca was gone. Then that allows us to have the income we need and not have to worry about who is watching Claire and can we really trust them. So I feel that is the way I am leaning, I think the biggest catch is that I just want to be done with school. So my rational side and my selfish side are fighting over who will get what they want. Usually it is the rational side that wins, but that is not always true, however if i am going to stay on here I need to decide soon because registration is only a couple days way and then come the late fees. P.s. I don't like this layout, hopefully I can change it soon.


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  1. Shannon On October 29, 2008 at 1:17 PM

    I'm assuming that's a hint hint for us/me. I will have to talk specifics with Becca, but I'm thinking we can work something out. Going to school and just sticking it out and doing the masters here sounds like the best option. There's always the finances to figure out though. Let us know the final decision. We'll see you tomorrow for pumpkin carving at our place!