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I only have time for a short one today because is am going to try to skip out of work a little early today so i can get a jump start on finishing the everlasting bathroom. I just had a couple thoughts today to convey anyways, so here goes.

First, we are going to try and stay here while i go into the masters program, i will turn in all my stuff as soon as i can and hopefully the will accept my application. So if i get accepted all we have to do after that it make sure we are financially stable for another year an a half, which i think we can do.

Second, have ya noticed all the iconic messaging going on lately. things like, c u l8er and :) I saw a comics show briefly on a TV i was passing by and he was doing a bit on these icons and telling a story using only or mostly these symbols and it was easy to intemperate the symbols into what he was trying for. It got me thinking about Egyptian hieroglyphics and wondering if we keep incorporating more and more of these icons, like we are now, will we one day end up like the ancient Egyptians and have half to all of our words be in caricatures

Lastly, we bought a bunch of these Campbell's don't add water soups for me to try and i noticed that even though every soup was a different blend they all had this similar background taste to them. And these soups were way different form each other, i had tomato bisque, Italian meatball, broccoli cheddar with potato and one other one that i can't recall, but every single one of them had this taste. So one, it makes me not want to eat their soup any more two, i wonder if all the soups start off with the same broth and they just add different ingredients to them along the way and three is maybe its the can I'm tasting and what does that mean i could be eating?

Well those are my thoughts for the day, hope you enjoyed them.


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  1. MomKAS On October 31, 2008 at 11:52 AM

    We are all related in some way to the Egyptian locale, so why not go back to using symbol language?


    (I miss seeing dates on your posts ... if I didn't read Becca's, too, I wouldn't really know sometimes of what day you are speaking.)